Fall has certainly hit ZAPP® headquarters in Denver, Colo., and we hope you’re enjoying cooler temperatures and fall foliage like us. We had a great annual conference in Kansas City; thanks to all who came and helped make the event a success!

Here’s what’s going on in ZAPPland…

New Admin System Feature: Send Customized Emails to Targeted Audience                        Earlier this year, we released Single Show Announcements, a marketing tool designed to help you send customized emails to targeted groups on ZAPP. With more than 31,000 artists signed up to receive these notifications, you can decide what state or region of the country you’d like to email. You can even narrow your pool down by medium category!

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Photo credit: Rahul Rodriguez                                                                                                          on Flickr http://bit.ly/1NeIobC

For more information or to schedule an exclusive announcement, visit Reaching ZAPP Artists located in the administrative Help Center.

Did You Know… ZAPP released a major enhancement in October to allow artists the ability to apply multiple times to one show using a single profile. You can opt in right on your license renewal agreement or by emailing the ZAPP team at zapphelp@westaf.org.

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Getting Your 2016 Event Set Up                                                                                                 As we approach the end of 2015, many shows are ready to begin setting up their 2016 applications. As a reminder, you must first renew your license agreement with us to get started. Once you do so, we’ll archive your most recent show application and make an exact copy so that you do not have to re-enter all of your application information making it easy to get going with your new event quickly.

If you need to set up a new event, email ZAPP® Program Associate Kate Kreutz at kate.kreutz@westaf.org.

New System Feature: Sold Out Message in ZAPP Shop                                                           Previously, when a product in the ZAPP shopping cart was sold out, the system would not indicate to the artist that the product was unavailable until he/she clicked the “add” button. Now, when a product is sold out, artists will see a black “SOLD OUT” message in place of “add.”

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Asking Shows to Opt-In to Multiple Applications                                                                  ZAPP released a major enhancement in October 2014 to allow artists the ability to apply multiple times to one show using a single profile. Some shows may not be aware this feature exists. If you’d like a show to which you’re applying to opt-in, send them an email by clicking the “Contact Event” link on the event prospectus page.

Vote for the Best Art Fairs of 2015                                                                                            ArtFairCalendar.com is back with its third annual survey of the best art fairs around the country. Voters include artists, show organizers, and art collectors. Submit your input by 11:30 p.m. Eastern Time onNov. 3, 2015. Fore more information, visit: http://www.artfairinsiders.com/profiles/blogs/3rd-annual-best-art-fair-survey.


Help! I have a Question About ZAPP!                                                                                    Answers to most system questions can be found in our robust Help Center for administrators. After logging in, click the “Help” tab at the top of the page to find the ZAPP® Administrator Guide, detailed videos, FAQs, prospectus checklists, and more!

With more online resources and tutorials than ever before, we’ve got artists’ questions covered! The artist Help Center is complete with step-by-step guides, videos, digital resources and more! We also have a “Help With ZAPP” section in our News Center.

ZAPP Training Videos                                                                                                                   Do you need assistance editing your image for an application? Do you want help purchasing a booth on ZAPP? There’s a video for that! Check out our growing collection of videos on the ZAPP® YouTube channel. If you have suggestions for other videos you’d like to see created, email us at contactzapp@westaf.org.



That’s all for now. Until next time…