Our February fixes and enhancements have launched! Our newest release includes new fields and workflows to streamline event management and facilitate best practices regarding communication with artists.

The Notification Date

The list of dates found within the Event Information page. It shows a date filled in for the new field, Notification Date, with the checkbox next to the word "Display" checked.

One of our most requested updates, the notification date, is now a field administrators can use to display the date they intend to announce jury results. An optional field for events that might not have a set notification date or may conduct a rolling notification process, the notification date can be filled in and displayed to artists with a few simple clicks. Artists can reference notification dates on the Events List, Apply to Shows page, and within the Event Information page.

BCC & Reply-To Addresses

image of record of an email sent to an artist showing the subject line, BCC, Reply To address and time and date sent

While administrators have been able to BCC addresses and set Reply-To addresses, these details did not show under the Communication section on an artist citation page. Administrators will now be able to view this information at a glance, along with the other email history details for emails sent through ZAPP. 

Updating ZAPP Communication Templates

With the new design of the artist side of ZAPP, we had some edits to make to our Invited, Not Invited, and Waitlist pre-loaded templates. Templates created by the ZAPP team will now link to the updated help videos and will outline the updated workflow. 

Displays the template the ZAPP team created for the Invited status. Fields that will not autofill with an event's information are highlighted in yellow.

Don’t forget to fill in all highlighted fields with your event’s information!

Updated Preview for the Application Editor

With this enhancement, administrators can click the “Preview” button within their Application Editor to see a preview of their Application page as it appears with the updated ZAPP design and ensure all custom questions are displaying accurately for artists.

Changing the Default Date for the Date Picker

Within the Event Editor, dates would automatically default to the current date if an administrator clicked in and out of the date field. This has been corrected.

Do you have a suggestion for a new feature on ZAPP? Email us at contactzapp@westaf.org. View past fixes and features.