Every now and then, we release new features at ZAPP that our whole team just can’t stop talking about! That excitement came about for us with the launch of customizable booth maps, a new way for administrators to assign their booths in the digital realm through ZAPP. It can be frustrating having to use multiple third-party systems and workflows to achieve just one part of your event preparation. At ZAPP, we’re cognizant of the many moving parts you’re dealing with to put on a successful event, from working with artists and vendors to local governments, sponsors, patrons, and more, which is why we strive to help you streamline and condense your work in one central location.

A Bit of Background

In 2009, ZAPP launched its inaugural conference for art fair and festival administrators and artists. The event was designed as a hub for key players in the industry to come together and discuss trends, best practices, and think of creative solutions to problems. The conferences continued annually through 2018, when ZAPP began to look for more accessible and less cost-prohibitive ways to connect. While the conferences are now a relic of the past, ZAPP gleaned a wealth of information about the features and solutions that would be most advantageous to festival administrators and artists alike. From those conversations, we were able to determine that administrators were looking for a way to digitally create booth maps and work on artist placement in an easier, more efficient manner. We’ve been working toward the goal of offering a solution in ZAPP ever since!

Using Customizable Booth Maps

Designed to help events more easily assign and manage booth placement directly from ZAPP, the customizable booth maps are easy to use, with custom pin styles and colors available, allowing administrators to display, for instance, jewelers or painters in one color and pin style, while displaying digital artists or photographers in another. After uploading a booth map and assigning booth numbers, administrators can open up a new booth map portal to begin designing their ideal placement and layout. Booth numbers will also appear in all of the same places they have, so you’ll continue to see them on the application and in your event management table. The customizable booth map can also be displayed publicly to artists and patrons once finished.

While we can’t quite hide our excitement, we know the best way to get you excited, too, is to see the new feature in action! Click here to add your name to the waitlist, or if you’re already using the new feature, drop us a quick line and let us know what you think! 

Questions? Email the ZAPP team at zapphelp@westaf.org.