You requested it, and it’s here! ZAPP now offers an embeddable gallery. Display the works of the artists attending your show (along with their booth numbers) in an easily-navigable feature you can display on your organization or event website. 

How does it work?

When the ZAPP team activates this feature for you, you’ll notice a new tab on the events editor called “Gallery Details.”

This tab contains all of the information that you can choose to display in the gallery. Your event name and event logo will always appear. Otherwise, you can include promotional details such as your social media pages, the event dates, and the location.

You’ll also have the option to write a gallery summary, or a short description of your event for the public, and include it at the top of the gallery page. This is different from the short description for artists in the event application. 

Once you’ve decided what details you’d like to include, you can either copy and paste the link to the gallery in the top right corner to share the gallery directly, or you can copy and paste the snippet of text labeled “Gallery Embed Code” into an embedding module on your website. 

What does the gallery look like?

The gallery looks simple and clean, with clear and accessible fonts and features. This is what the page looks like in ZAPP when you use the gallery link:

And an embedded gallery looks like this:

In addition to simply displaying artworks, anyone viewing the gallery can sort, filter and search within the images. Clicking on an image or artist’s name will open a popup with additional artwork details.

What websites is the gallery compatible with?

The gallery embed code can be used anywhere on your website that accepts embedding. This feature can be used with most major website hosts, including WordPress, Wix, and Squarespace. The code can also be altered to fit the size of your site.

This new feature furthers ZAPP’s mission to connect artists with art events by publicly highlighting the works of artists attending your event. It’s also an easy and affordable option for smaller organizations with limited budgets that may not have IT departments or tech gurus to help build their websites. Now you can market your event and promote the artists you’ve selected through an easy-to-browse feature. 

To get started using this feature, contact the ZAPP team.