ZAPP is excited to announce the publish event button! If you’ve ever struggled to remember the ZAPP team email or phone number when you are trying to launch your application, we’ve introduced a new feature that will make it easier to publish your event and get your application in front of thousands of artists.

How does it work?

Administrators can click the Publish Event button from the Event Editor. This sends a notification to the ZAPP team who will conduct a brief, complimentary review of the application settings to ensure artists can apply with ease. 

Your application will be listed as one of these three event statuses: 

Not Published: This status means your event has been renewed but it is not visible to applicants.

Pending: This status means that we have not yet received your payment and your application cannot be published until we confirm receipt.

Published: This status means your event details and application are published. Your event details will be visible immediately and your application will be visible to applicants starting on your Accept Applications date.

How to request to publish an event: 

  1. Go to Events > Management > Event Editor.
  2. In the Status box, click Publish Event.
  3. On the pop-up that appears, click Send Publish Request.
  4. The ZAPP team will review the event and publish if ready. All requests will be answered within one business day during normal business hours.

We also implemented two ways to improve ZAPP’s communication with administrators ready to publish events. First, as soon as a member of the team publishes an event, the administrator will receive an email confirmation that includes the  unique event URL. This will help ensure events ready to be published can begin accepting applications on time.  Second, we implemented an automatic reminder email that gets sent to administrators one week before the Accept Applications date. 

Ready to give it a whirl? Log in to today to see how easy it is to submit a publish request!