If you’re a ZAPP administrator looking for an easy way to showcase the artists participating in your event, look no further than the ZAPP Gallery! This easy-to-use feature lets you skip several tedious tasks: preparing artwork images, gathering artist details, and publishing the list of participating artists. In this blog post, we’re sharing examples of how events use the ZAPP Gallery so you can see the benefits of this feature for yourself. 

What is the purpose of the ZAPP Gallery?

The ZAPP Gallery was designed to provide a visually appealing and easily navigable space for event organizers to show off the work of artists participating in the art fair or festival. It offers a time-saving solution for event organizers, allowing them to manage and publicize their confirmed artists seamlessly. 

How does the ZAPP Gallery work? 

ZAPP administrators can request the ZAPP Gallery feature through the Add-Ons sign up form, or simply request the feature the next time they renew their account. Once the Gallery has been activated, ZAPP will pull every application in the Accepted and Confirmed statuses and create a gallery view of the artists and their work. Administrators can adjust display settings, then share the Gallery URL with artists and patrons. The Gallery can also be embedded directly on the event’s website. Once published, patrons of the festival are able to browse the artwork ahead of the event, locate and take note of artist booth numbers so they can stop by at the show, and learn more about the artists. The ZAPP Gallery will also automatically update with any changes or additions made to the list of artists based on their application status.

Note: Artists can opt out of displaying their artwork on an event’s gallery by updating the Gallery Settings for their application. 

Click here for more information about how to use the ZAPP Gallery.

How much does the ZAPP Gallery cost?

The ZAPP Gallery can be added for a low cost of $200 per event, or bundled as part of the Digital Package for $250. The Digital Package includes the ZAPP Gallery, ZAPP Onsite, and a $50 discount on an E-Blast! Click here for more information about the Digital Package.

See the ZAPP Gallery in Action

Take a look at some real-life examples of how the ZAPP Gallery has been successfully used in various art events.

Sharing the ZAPP Gallery Link

The ArtsQuest Fine Arts Festival is a prime example of an event that effectively uses the ZAPP Gallery. They share the Gallery link on their website, which directs visitors to view the participating artists directly on ZAPP. 

Click here to see ArtsQuest Fine Arts Festival’s website, and you’ll see the following text:

“Check out all of the 2023 ArtsQuest Fine Arts Festival Artists HERE.

Artists are searchable by first name, last name, medium and booth number.”

When the viewer clicks the link, they are directed to their unique Gallery page on ZAPP.

two screenshots, one of the ArtsQuest website and one of the ArtsQuest Gallery on ZAPP


Click here to explore the ArtsQuest Fine Arts Festival Gallery.

Sharing the ZAPP Gallery Link & Displaying Featured Artists on Website

Art in the Square Southlake has taken a slightly different approach. While they use the ZAPP Gallery to showcase the entire list of participating artists, they also have a dedicated webpage specifically for featured artists. This allows them to highlight a select group of artists using their own style, while still being able to showcase the full list to patrons. 

Click here to see Art in the Square Southlake’s website for the artist list, and you’ll see the following text directing viewers to the ZAPP Gallery: 


Click here to see Art in the Square Southlake’s website for featured artists, where they’ve showcased the artwork directly on the website.

Three screenshots, one of the Art in the Square website page of the Artist List, one page for the Featured Artists, and one of the gallery on ZAPP


“We are very happy using the ZAPP Gallery. Loading artist images onto our website was a time consuming and difficult task. And keeping the online artist list and gallery up to date (with withdrawals and wait-listed artists coming in) was a chore. The ZAPP gallery makes it simple. And it is always up to date!” – Terri Messing, Art in the Square


Embedding the ZAPP Gallery into a Webpage

The Morning Glory Art Fair has taken a creative approach by embedding the ZAPP Gallery directly into their webpage. This seamless integration allows visitors to explore the artworks, artist details, and booth information without leaving the fair’s website. 

Click here to see ZAPP Gallery for the Morning Glory Art Fair embedded on the webpage.

gif demonstrating the Morning Glory website in which the ZAPP gallery is embedded and scrollable on the site


Save Time with ZAPP Gallery

These examples highlight the flexibility of the ZAPP Gallery. Whether you choose to share the gallery link, combine it with a dedicated webpage for featured artists, or embed it directly into your website, the ZAPP Gallery seamlessly adapts to your needs, enhancing the overall experience for both artists and patrons.

Click here to add ZAPP Gallery to your event! 

Have any questions about the ZAPP Gallery? Contact us at contactzapp@westaf.org