The birds are chirping, the snow is melting in many places (in some places), and spring is officially upon us! The ZAPP® team is working on several new enhancements, our 2015 Conference, and much more. With around 70,000 active artists and 700 shows, we are keeping busy and working hard to provide you with the best possible ZAPP® experience!

Conference Registration Opens April 1
We’re excited for the seventh annual Arts Festival Conference! Registration for this professional development event opens April 1. We hope you’ll join us! Visit for more information.

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More Ways to Market Your Event with ZAPP®
As ZAPP® continues to expand, so too, do the benefits of being a system user! Coming this spring, we are introducing a new way to target artists. Our new Single Show Announcement will give all administrative users the ability to send a dedicated email to a list of more than 20,000 artists who have opted to receive promotional emails. Administrators will have the option of targeting artists by state, region, and medium category.

New Feature: Artists in the Invited Status can Purchase Booths Before Your Jury!
The latest system enhancement lifts the jury date restriction so that any artist placed in the Invited status can purchase a booth. This means that you no longer need to “trick” the system by moving your jury dates to the past. Thanks to all users who requested this change!

What Do You Want Covered in Our Monthly ZAPP® Admin Webinars?
ZAPP® recently introduced monthly webinars to train and refresh administrative users on various parts of the system. We’re interested to hear from you what topics we should address in each session. Please email with ideas for future webinars and help us plan out our 2015 schedule.

Optimize Your Show Awarding Process with ZAPP® Onsite
Do you score booths to determine your Best in Show and other accolades? Do you grant prize money to participating artists? Watch a quick video and see how ZAPP® Onsite can lighten the workload for you or email for more information.

QUICK POLL: Answer one system question about your booth payment process and help us enhance your user experience!

Artist Resources
Need help sizing or formatting your images? Check out the Tutorials and Resources page in the ZAPP Help Center. You’ll find links to professional photographers who can assist you and other photo-editing programs you can use to edit your images.

In addition, ZAPP® hosts a ton of information in our Help Center, including answers to your most frequently asked questions and guidance on How to Take a Great Booth Picture.

ZAPP User Statistics
The results are in! The cities with the top ZAPP® usage from January 1 to March 1, 2015, are: Chicago, Denver, Miami Beach, New York, Atlanta, Nashville, Minneapolis, Houston, Tampa, and Orlando.

During that same time frame, about 71% of visitors to were returning and 29% were new to the site.

That’s all for now. Until next time…

Happy spring!
The ZAPP® team