Summer may be ending, but ZAPP®’s new features and programs will just keep coming! We’ve got updates on the 2016 Arts Festival Conference, site improvements, and new programs in this edition of the quarterly ZAPP® update.

Here’s what’s going on in ZAPPland…

 Laura Zabel to Open the 2016 Arts Festival Conference

Arts visionary Laura Zabel will kick off the the 2016 Arts Festival Conference. A dynamic and thoughtful speaker, Zabel will examine the relationship between arts and community, and provide practical examples for sparking creative change. Zabel is the executive director of Springboard for the Arts, an economic and community development agency that focuses on providing programs in two areas: helping artists make a living and connecting communities to the creative power of artists.

An expert on the relationship between the arts and community development, Zabel has spoken at leading conferences and events, including the Aspen Ideas Festival, the Urban Land Institute Meetings, and the Americans for the Arts Convention. Her insights on industry trends have also been featured in outlets from The Guardian to The New York Times.Don’t miss your chance to see Laura Zabel and the rest of the all-star lineup at the 2016 Conference! Visit to register today.

Request a Free ZAPP® Onsite Demo
If you’re looking for an easier way to score artist booths and present awards such as “Best in Show,” at your festival, we recommend ZAPP® Onsite! The Onsite tool combines a digital scorecard + your ZAPP® database of artists to help you determine top-scoring artists in minutes.

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Who Works at ZAPP®?

We’ve got a talented team of professionals providing excellent customer service to ZAPP® administrators and artists! Read on to see our newest team members – part of the integral group that keeps ZAPP® at the forefront of customer support.

Liz Jaite is a technology associate at WESTAF. She provides technical support for the ZAPP® and CaFE™ systems. Prior to joining WESTAF, Jaite held positions at the Denver Art Museum and Ben & Jerry’s. She earned her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in painting from Ringling College of Art and Design in Sarasota, Florida. Outside of her work at WESTAF, she is a programming manager at Denver Comic Con and enjoys playing video games.

Dustin Yourishin
is a technology associate at WESTAF. He provides technical support for the ZAPP® and CaFE™ systems. Before WESTAF, Dustin graduated from Colorado State University – Pueblo with a bachelor’s degree in Mass Communication with emphases in both electronic media and integrated communication. Away from the office, Dustin enjoys listening to and playing music, as well as playing video games and reading classic books.

NEW FEATURE: Removing Jury Scores
We’re pleased to announce the introduction of a popularly-requested feature: the ability to remove jury scores directly from the Jury Administration section. As an administrator, you’ll now have the option to remove scores from a juror in any round.  And what happens if you accidentally remove scores and want to retrieve them? You can restore scores in just one click!

NEW FEATURE: Password Reset for Administrators
We also tightened security with new and improved password reset features. If you ever forget your administrator password or if you want to reset the password after a staff change, simply enter your email address and username and click the “reset password” button located on the admin homepage.

TIP: Your passwords are now case-sensitive. If you’re having trouble logging in, check to make sure you’re using correct capitalization when necessary.

That’s all for now. Until next time…

 Warm Regards,
– The ZAPP® Team