The ZAPP team regularly releases new features, improvements, and fixes for the site. Read on to see what changed in the month of October!


Footer Redesign: Artist

We have redesigned our footer to make the Contact Us link more apparent and relocate links to our social channels that were previously housed at the top of the page. Clicking Contact Us and filling out the form will automatically email the ZAPP team.

Footer Redesign: Admin

The footer on the admin side of ZAPP was similarly changed to increase the prevalence of the Contact Us button and to include ZAPP’s social channels.

Communication Enhancement: Email Templates

As you may know, we recently released an enhancement for our Communication section. This update allows administrators to create and save up to ten templates to use whenever they wish. We have now added some additional features to this release to enhance usability:

Transaction Enhancement: PayPal Reference Number

ZAPP transactions will now include the PayPal reference number. The purpose of this is to assist the ZAPP team in more easily locating transactions when providing artist or administrator support or processing refund requests.

Artist Management Fix: Display Address Line 2

Previously, administrators were not able to see the second address line, if one was input, on the artist citation page. This has now been corrected.

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