The ZAPP team regularly releases new features, improvements, and fixes for the site. Read on to see what changed in the summer of 2019!


An Update to the Monitor Jury Scorecard

As part of our series of enhancements to the monitor jury (check out Image Zoom!), the body of work and scorecard pages have been updated to bring the scoring elements to the forefront of the page.

An image of the new jury scorecard. The background is light grey, the artist statement is in the upper right hand corner, and additional information about each image is not visible. The scorecard itself is at the bottom of the screen. Each number is in its own bubble and the comment box is underneath. The bubbles turn green when selected. The save score button is in green under the comment box
A close up of the scorecard. This image contains only the My Score section (where jurors can choose a score), the comment box, and the Save This Score button.

To score, jurors can now click directly on the number itself — a change we made to make the scoring process more intuitive. Jurors can view additional information about a piece of artwork by clicking on the “i” icon to the right of every image name.

Booth Deposits

We recently added a “Deposit” product type to our Product Editor to give administrators more flexible payment options for their artists. This product type was designed to allow artists to purchase a booth deposit and remain in the Invited status. For administrators, a tag labeled “DEPOSIT” will be automatically added to artists’ applications when they purchase this product type.

An image of products in the product editor. The product type dropdown is open and "Deposit" is selected.

Share events directly on social media

This improvement adds a social media sidebar to each event information page. Users can now share the event information directly on the social media platform of their choice.

An image of the Event Information page with social sharing links on the left hand of the screen

Limited Login Attempts

This enhancement sets the maximum number of login attempts to 10 for the user’s security. After a user enters an incorrect password 10 times, users will either need to reset their password or they will be locked out of their account for 30 minutes.

BCC for Communications

Administrators now have the option to bcc up to five email addresses on all communications sent through ZAPP. When BCCing multiple emails, administrators will need to add a comma between each email.

An image of the Compose Email fields: From Name, Reply-To Address, and BCC. Under the BCC field there is text that reads "Use commas to separate multiple email addresses. Max 5 email addresses allowed."


Local Admins Can Choose to Randomly Sort Artists

This allows local admins to change the “Sub-sort Artists By” option to Random. Previously, ZAPP team members had to manually change it for administrators who wished to use this option.

Artists Can Modify Their Username

When artists attempted to change their usernames, they would get an error message. This issue has been resolved and artists can now update their usernames (so long as they meet the system requirements).

Pagination Retains on News Pages

Previously, when users attempted to filter by a certain category on the News page (Creative Conversations, Changes, etc), moving to the next page did not retain this filter. This is no longer an issue.