Announcing Mobile for the Artist Side of ZAPP

In one of our biggest enhancements to date, we are making mobile responsive! With a planned release in late summer, artists will soon be able to take ZAPP with them on the go. Artists will be able to apply to events, check their application statuses, and even buy booths from their phone or tablet.

An image showing three pages of the redesigned ZAPP. These pages are the registration, participating events, and events calendar pages.

We’ve Started Our Artist Spotlight!

ZAPP has begun posting artist spotlights! Our goal is to showcase a diverse range of work on our Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter accounts as well as future blogs. We encourage artists of all abilities and medium categories to apply!

Interested in being featured? Apply here:

Connect with us: ZAPP is now on Instagram!

A little late to the party — but we’re now on Instagram! Check us out for Artist Spotlights, ZAPP updates, and more. 

Image of a rainbow pinwheel graphic with various art related words within it. ZAPP's logo is in the center.

From PayPal to Braintree

Image reading: Braintree, A PayPal Service

ZAPP recently switched from using PayPal’s original payment processor to its new system, Braintree. Braintree is the software Uber, Airbnb, Grubhub, Dropbox, and the Honest Company use to manage their online payments, so we’re confident we’re in good hands! 

What makes this switch exciting? Artists can now save payment types for quicker checkout! In the future, artists will also be able to pay with a variety of digital wallet payment types, including Venmo and Apple Pay.

What’s New? The Deposit Product Type

ZAPP artists can purchase a deposit product without changing their status. After purchasing this product type, artists will be tagged with the word “DEPOSIT.” 

Administrators can use this option when they need artists to pay a certain amount for their booth upfront, and then want them to pay the remainder of the booth cost later. For example, say artists were required to pay 50% of the booth product by July 28, 2019, and then pay the remaining balance by August 30, 2019. In this case, a deposit product would be created for 50% of the cost of the booth, and a booth product would be created for the other 50%. 

Infographic explaining the booth deposit product type. It reads:
Step 1: Select the Deposit product type
Step 2: Determine the deposit amount
Step 3: Create your booth product(s). They should reflect the cost of the booth after the deposit
Step 4: Instruct artists to purchase the Deposit and then the booth
Step 5: Artists are automatically tagged with the "DEPOSIT" tag
Step 6: Artists can go back into their ZAPP Shop and buy the booth product

In small text at the bottom: purchasing a deposit product will not change an artist's status

Creative Conversations: A Juror’s Perspective

Image of Jennifer Perlow with a quote that reads: The jury process is a little like sharpening my knives. You know, looking at a large group of artists for a particular purpose – with the anticipation of culling that – it's strengthening your critical thinking skills.

We sat down with longtime juror Jennifer Perlow to talk about her experiences in the art world. Perlow has juried more than 15 art shows and recently finished jurying the Des Moines Arts Festival. 

Read all about it here:

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— ZAPP team