Happy spring!

The leaves on the trees and flowers in the garden can only mean one thing: Festival season is in full swing! We’re wishing you all successful shows and buyers with lots of spending power!

Registration Now Open for the Arts Festival Conference
Join us for the fifth annual Arts Festival Conference! The conference takes place October 7-8, 2013, in lovely Louisville, Kentucky immediately following the St. James Court Art Show! Register now and find more information at http://bit.ly/zappcon.

The Arts Festival Conference, sponsored by ZAPP®, provides fantastic opportunities to meet and spend time with artists, other show directors, and art fair professionals. Beyond engaging in important dialogue with one another, attendees will enjoy outings and receptions, conference programming focused on professional development, portfolio review opportunities, and other activities aimed at strengthening the arts festival community.

Behind the Scenes at ZAPP®
Have you ever wondered who the people are powering ZAPP®? You can meet the ZAPP® Team (virtually anyway!) and read about each staff member here in the new News section of ZAPPlication.org.

ZAPP® System Spotlight
Did you know that your MyZAPPlications page now shows you the dates beneath each event that are most relevant to your application status? Depending on where you are at in the application process you’ll see either the application deadline or the event dates to help you stay organized! Hint: Click on “Show” to re-sort your applications alphabetically by show name from A-to-Z or Z-to-A.
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