The fourth annual Arts Festival Conference, a ZAPP®-sponsored professional development and networking event for art fair professionals, convened over two days in Chicago.

Listen to the audio from the two most popular Arts Festival Conference sessions: The 2012 opening presentation, Storytelling With Data, and the 2012 ZAPP® Symposium, Community, Collaboration, and the Creative:

Welcome and Opening Presentation, Storytelling With Data
Events and artists both keep metrics about foot traffic and sales, but people intrinsically understand visual data in a way that many will never comprehend numbers. Artists crunch a lot of numbers on who buys what, where, when, and how. Sponsors are itching to find out their number of impressions. In the opening presentation, data visualization expert Cole Nussbaumer shares advice from her blog, Storytelling With Data, to help art festival professionals both show and tell numbers, whether for nonprofit boards or business plans, for grant applications or sponsor recaps, or on websites and other projects.


The ZAPP® Symposium: Community, Collaboration, and the Creative
First introduced at the 2010 Conference, the ZAPP® Symposium provides a forum for high-level discussion around trends and industry changes, cultural policy, and the larger arts and culture landscape, and a platform to introduce inventive ideas.

Moderated by Stephen M. King, the director of the Des Moines Art Festival, this symposium-style discussion of contemporary cultural policy issues that impact art festivals and artists featured Sam Bower, ArtHERE; Amelia Northrup-Simpson, TRG Arts; Adrienne Outlaw, Seed Space; and John Spokes, United States Artists.